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Package One - Charity Fundraiser

Our Race Night Charity Fundraiser Package is the perfect way to raise funds for your Charity or Club. The package includes:-
  • 9 x Horse Races (9th Race is Auction Race)
  • Experienced Host for the Evening
  • Projector, PA System & Background Music
  • Posters & Race Sheets
  • Betting System and Payouts
  • Proven Fundraising Technique to be in Profit before the night!
  • Ticket Sellers (Provide your own to reduce the costs)
By following our techniques prior to the night, you can expect to find yourself at least £150 in profit before the night even begins. Add to this Ticket Sales and a Raffle and you can really be in profit before the FUN even begins. Then on the night, you earn 50% of the Race Takings and Auction. Its a great way of raising funds and you can easily raise upwards of £500 for your Club/Charity.

Total £250.00

*Price within 80 miles of Luton, Bedfordshire. For other areas, please contact.

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